Tax Justice Aotearoa believes our tax system can be a powerful tool for a flourishing country, where every person enjoys the best health possible, lives in a warm and safe home, and has opportunities to learn, grow and participate in community life in ways that are fulfilling for them.

We represent the growing number of people talking about greater transparency, equality and fairness in national and global tax systems, to build societies where every person lives a dignified life. Founded in August 2018, we provide analysis, ideas and information contributing to an informed dialogue about how tax builds societies where all people flourish.

We are an independent, voluntary organisation, and receive no government funding. Voluntary work, in-kind support, donations and the occasional charitable grant power our work. We provide annual financial reports to the New Zealand Companies Office. You can search for Tax Justice Aotearoa (Registration Number 2733012) and find our financial reports here.

We are connected with other global groups who want to see fairer tax systems, such as Tax Justice Network and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice. We have no funding relationships with these organisations and receive no funds from them.

Take a journey around our website to learn more. Read our charter here. Keep up to date by joining our mailing list.