Willingness to be taxed more applauded

Tax Justice Aotearoa applauds today’s launching of an open letter to politicians from people living ‘financially comfortable lives’, calling on government to tax them more in order to build a better New Zealand.

 “TJA is co-sponsor of this sharing wealth initiative, along with Oxfam Aotearoa, and we want to acknowledge the courage of those who have put their names to this letter,” says Glenn Barclay, Chair of Tax Justice Aotearoa.

“The recently released IR research report on High Net Worth Individuals highlighted the gaps in our tax system and this group of people have demonstrated that there is a willingness out there to do more to close those gaps.

“From our struggling health system, through to our huge inequality problem and to the challenges of climate change - this group of people are saying to politicians and the wider public, that we can do more to face up to these issues together, and that we cannot afford to wait any longer.

“We need to recognise that paying our fair share of tax is what enables us all to live the lives we have, and we need more of it to ensure that we as a country can address the complex problems we face,” says Glenn Barclay. "There is no need to be scared of tax – we need to embrace the role it plays in delivering for the public good and for future generations."

Tax Justice Aotearoa encourages any other people who consider that they lead financially comfortable lives to add their names to the letter, now available to view at www.sharingwealth.nz

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  1. I want to pay more tax
    I'm proud to support the open letter on tax - I want to pay more of it! Our communities need more tax to respond to floods and cyclones, to improve services like health and education, to tackle inequality, and to support families who are struggling. I'm fortunate to be in a position to contribute more myself. If you are too, you can add your voice in support - sign the letter or find out more at sharingwealth.nz

  2. Tax me more
    I'm speaking up for tax reform! Right now, we need to change our tax system. People like me can - and should - pay more tax to lift our whānau out of poverty and ensure everyone in Aotearoa thrives. To find out more about why I want to be taxed more, read our open letter at sharingwealth.nz

  3. Wealthy New Zealanders want to pay more tax
    You read that right! Alongside almost 100 other New Zealanders, I've added my name to a call for more tax. I believe that we should be paying our fair share to support a better future for Aotearoa. People like me have benefited from tax ourselves, and now it's time to pay that forward. Join us now at sharingwealth.nz

  4. Hey Chris! Tax me more.
    One way or another, it's almost certain that a Chris will be leading the country at the end of this year. And I want him - whichever Chris it ends up being - to ask me to pay more tax. Tax is the way we pay for education, healthcare, and social services - and build our resilience in the climate crisis. I want people who can afford it to pay more, so that together, our people in Aotearoa can have more of all these things. If you agree, join me! Sign on to our open letter at sharingwealth.nz